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The course in dentistry which is offered by Bogomolets National Medical University is designed for students who has a desire to study and then train in dental sciences. Dentistry is a part of medicine that studies the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of conditions and disorders in the oral cavity and other associated structures, and their effect on the human body. Good dental health is considered vital for the overall health of humans. Dentists have supporting teams that comprise of dental assistants, technicians, assistants and therapists.

Dentistry as a medical field is developing and rapidly changing. It now even involves cosmetology. The awareness of people is increasing and so is the importance of dental care and hygiene. Dentists give medical, surgical and other treatments for all kinds of dental disorders. The most common procedures performed by dentists are crowning, filling, scaling, extracting teeth, tooth replacements and treating gum diseases.

Dentists can practice privately or find employment in hospitals or other health care establishments. A large majority of dentists worldwide are solo practitioners or own clinics with partners. There are a lot of opportunities in research and development of dentistry as well.

About the course

The course in Dentistry  aims at preparing students for the industry by equipping them with all the necessary theoretical knowledge and practical skills. It will increase the number and quality of trained professionals that are an important part of all heath care organizations and institutes.

At the dentistry faculty the curriculum is worked out for five academic years. The students master the basic subjects of medical and biological profile, as well as various clinical disciplines, which are so necessary for a dentist. On condition of successful completion of study the graduates are given the Diploma of a doctor – dentist. The curriculum foresees the further postgraduate education. The degree awarded is BDS.

For the junior courses students study theoretical disciplines and beginning from the fourth course, they start studying clinical disciplines. At junior courses students study theoretical disciplines and, beginning from the fourth course, they start studying clinical disciplines. Among them there are therapeutic and orthopaedic stomatology. The chairs of anatomy, histology, normal physiology, biochemistry, general chemistry, having wonderful traditions in organization of educational process and high skilled teachers, could do profiles for the teaching of their disciplines, taking into account the faculty’s specificity.

For mastering the propaedeutic course by students the departments were well equipped additional premises, acquired a necessary quantity of visual aids and special apparatus. All employees of the chairs and students took an active part in making the educational manuals. A metal-ceramic laboratory and a laboratory for high frequency melting and casting of dentures are specially organised.

At special dental departments the students study principal actual problems of dentistry: caries, parodonthosis, diseases of the mucous membrane in the mouth cavity. The principle task of the dental faculty is perfection of higher dentistry education, raising the quality of doctors dental training.

At the faculty they worked out and applied the complex of methodical ways for optimization of educational process, which is aimed at activisation of cognitive activity of students, development of habits for educational and researching work, training the creative method of approach for professional activity. The stomatological faculty helps the students to obtain good knowledge in the dental field. It grows and develops, absorbing all the best from the experience of the University’s work.

The course studies dentistry for an international perspective and prepares students for a successful career in the industry. Some of the modules taught in this program include: Physiological Sciences, Foundations of Dental Practice, Oral Microbiology, Oral Anatomy & Histology, Dental Biochemistry, Dental Pathophysiology, Dentistry (Operative, Endodontic, Prosthetics), Dentistry (Operative), Dental Practice, Dental Clinical Practice, Topics in Clinical Dentistry, Medicine and Surgery for Dental Practice, Gerodontics, Special Needs Dentistry, Dental Public Health, Foundations of Psychology for Health and Human Services

Why Dentistry?

The Dentistry course offered by Bogomolets National Medical University gives students all the necessary knowledge and skills needs a dentist. It improves the career prospects and immediate job opportunities post-graduation as students are taught keeping the latest industry trends in mind.  It helps students to grow in the medicine sphere.

The subjects in in this course encompass all important topics relating to the theory and practice of dentistry. The course is structured in such a way that it facilitates easy adaptation from the classroom to the industry. Students are known to travel from different parts of the world to study this course, making the atmosphere cross-cultural, diverse and interactive.

Career prospects for students

Graduates in dentistry can pursue further education in the field that will lead to a successful career. It also gives students the chance to specialize in a specific part of dentistry. Careers that dentists can embark upon after completing this course include:

  • Dental practice
  • Esthetic improvement
  • Public education
  • Research and development

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