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International Exchange Programes

Bukovinian State Medical University presently cooperates with:

•     Weber State University, Solak Lake city, Utah {USA}
•     University of Karl Garus
•     University of Dresden
•     University of Konstanz {Germany}
•     Minsk Medical University {Belarus}
•     St.Petersburgh Medical University {Russia}
•     Clinics of Gelderzee Valley {Netherland}
•     Psychiatric clinic of Munsterlingen {Switzerland}
•     Druzi Association {France}
•     Moscow State Medical University {Russia}
•     Akmolian Medical Academy {Kazakhstan}
•     Charity Clinic {Berlin}
•     Medical Schools in Austria
•     Medical Universities of Polan

Students and fellows trips on exchange basis are provided by our agreements. Foreign students have an opportunity to go on their training as clinical residents and PhD fellows. Nowadays the profiling departments organize doctor’s advanced training in mainly therapy, surgery, neurology, obstetrics and gynecology, pediatrics and anesthesiology and also in many more departments.

BUKOVINIAN STATE MEDICAL UNIVERSITY is a modern multi structural educational institution of the fourth level (highest) of accreditation with ancient traditions.